Finding Precious Time for an Even More Precious 30 Minute Workout

We all know exercise is an important factor for having good health and weight loss. Having said that, many of us have very busy schedules and other important things to do like an 8 hour day job, then cleaning the house, then babysitting, then having coffee with friends, not to forget watching C.S.I, Criminal Minds and Game of Thrones. No wonder we can’t fit that 30 minute exercise session in a day!

30 Minute Workout

Oh, did I mention that just 30 minutes a day can do you a world of good. That means in a single day, you have 48 opportunities to get that exercise over and done with. The probabilities are on your side.

Have in mind that your exercise workout doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be done in a gym. Actually it’s better that it’s not done in a gym since most of us spend 30 minutes working out in the gym and over an hour socializing. The socializing does no harm of course, but let’s stay focused on our goal for now.

These are a few simple tips and ideas you can use to fit in your much required 30 minute workout in your busy day:

  • Eliminate the ‘not so important’ commitments – If you use a timetable or weekly planner (recommended) then have a look what you have planned for the next day. Can you spot anything there that you can give a miss? I bet you can.
  • TV addict – If you love your TV shows and films then watch them, but not by sitting or lying on the sofa. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike, then perfect. Use your treadmill or bike while watching your favorite show. You will be surprised how many miles you will cover while being distracted by the TV. If you don’t own a treadmill or exercise bike then consider stretching, combined with push-ups, sit-ups, squats and even running on the spot.
  • Who needs the elevator - Do you have a stairway with 10-15 steps? Or maybe you live in an apartment with a communal flight of stairs. If so great! Run up and down those steps like there’s no tomorrow. When you’re out of breath, then use the elevator to help you out. The first time I did this I needed the neighbor to help me get in the elevator and to my front door, but that’s just me. You might need to take it easy the first few sessions.
  • Walk your four legged pet – You might prefer walking with your dog instead of your cat, if you have both – dogs usually walk faster and enjoy it as well. My dog usually takes me for a walk, but the good thing is, she can only last for a 30 minute walk as well, but we both get to work out.
  • Biking can be fun too – If you have the chance then going on a short biking trip with your family can give you all a good exercise but at the same time some quality family time. It can be great fun, especially watching the wife trying to catch up.
  • Be sneaky – I use this one quite often. Explain to your partner that they can get a great exercise session by cleaning the glass doors and windows. Cleaning with a wax on wax off motion (without the wax) can give the upper body a great workout. The wife gets the cleaning done and at the same time keeps fit; what more do you want!

By using your common sense with a bit of imagination and willingness, you will never miss a 30 minute workout. If you look in the mirror and can see some room for improvement then it’s time for action. But even if you consider yourself looking pretty good, your body and mind could do with that daily routine session. Trust me.

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