Placing Ads in Your Website like Google Adsense

Placing ads in your website like Google adsense is a great way for an internet site owner to make some extra money. It is an affiliate pay per click program that has taken the internet by storm. This means that when people visit your website or blog and click on adverts provided by Google, you make money. To use ads in your website like Google adsense, you do not need any special knowledge, only a computer and a working website.

Using Adsense

The content in your web pages should already be concentrating on a few targeted keywords. This is how the search engines will then serve ads that are more relevant to your content, therefore resulting in higher number of clicks.

When placing your google ads in your website it is advised to keep the background colour of the ads the same as the colour of your webpage background, so they blend in with your content. It has been proven that vertical ads that run down the side of your web page get more positive results. However it’s always a good idea to play around with the format of your ads and then monetize to see which ones give you better results.

Consider using Site Build It to build up your website. It has all the necessary tools necessary to create adsense revenues and also quickly achieve a keyword rich site that can be ranked high in the search engines, which in turn will give you a flow of traffic to your site of highly targeted visitors.

When using google adsense you also have a very powerful tool in tracking your statistics. You should take advantage of this capability because it will help you find out which ads are performing and which ones are not.

You can earn from a few cents to around $15 when someone clicks on your adwords which are displayed in your web pages. However trying to earn false revenues by repetitively clicking on your own ads is something you must NEVER do. Google is very clever and sooner or later they will catch you, resulting in a penalty or even your site being eliminated from the search engine.

Another thing that you should do to prevent any future problems with google is to tell your friends and family members NOT to click on your ads. Explain to them that by doing so, and not really being interested in the ads, that they will get you into trouble.

If you think at some stage that you have broken any of Googles “Terms and Conditions”, whether it be accidentally or intentional, it is always better to come out straight with them by being truthful and confess up to google of your wrong doings. Confessing is way better than google learning about it eventually, which would result in getting yourself in more trouble.

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