How To Use the Amazon Associates Program

Launched in 1996, the Amazon Associates Program(A.A.P), which is the Amazon Affiliate Program, was one of the first e-commerce affiliate programs to be recognized and used by the general public. Like Amazon, the A.A.P has grown into a giant in its field, offering a number of different opportunities and tools for affiliates to profit from.

Amazon Associates Program

One of the reasons why the Amazon Associates Program has skyrocketed over the years is due to its simplicity in using, but also applying for. You can apply to become an affiliate, be accepted, and be promoting products in a matter of minutes.

The selection of products to promote on Amazon is never ending. Imagine being in a huge shopping mall with thousands of items for sale, and someone said to you “if you can sell some of these items, then you will receive a commission”, what would you do?.

Better still, if someone said to you “if you can drive people through that shopping mall door, and whatever they buy, whether it be the item you recommended to them, or even something else, you will still get a commission for whatever they buy”, what would you say to that? I know I would say “when can I start !!!”.

You see, not only is Amazon a huge shopping mall, but once you get people through those doors, you also have the equivalent to “experienced sales people” and also items with huge discounts, helping you make the sale even easier.

Amazons “Related Item Technology” offers customers the choice of other related items to the ones customers are already looking at, but also they will show what others have also purchased when looking or purchasing items, that current customers are viewing. This technology and approach from Amazon which is found in the Amazon Associates Program, has in turn, a huge positive impact on the affiliate commissions.

Something to be noted is that when you refer a customer to Amazon, if that referral purchases from Amazon within the first 24 hrs of them visiting Amazon, then the commission is yours. This means that the Amazon Cookie that is placed on the customers computer when visiting Amazon from your recommendations only lasts for 24hrs.

One exception of this is that if the customer selects products and puts them in their shopping cart, and then decides to buy them within 90 days, then you as the affiliate will be credited with the commission.

Amazons Referral Rate Tier Chart

Amazon Referral Rate Tier Chart

The above cookie duration, along with the relevantly low commissions offered can be seen as negative factors for promoting goods in the Amazon Associates Program. However my personal view is that they make up for this by offering affiliates, commissions on any other products customers buy that were not referred to by the affiliate.

The commissions also increase over time. Basically the more items you sell, the more commissions you receive on future items you sell. This is why you should not only promote expensive items (so you receive a larger commission), since selling cheaper items will get you less commissions, but they will increase the commission percentage that Amazon will give you for future sales.

Since Amazon is one of the most trusted websites in the world, when customers see the Amazon name, they feel secure and comfortable in going ahead with their purchase. People are more willing to make a purchase if they feel that they’re not alone and if they know that others have and are buying with them. I’m sure there’s some insightful psychological reasons for this since buying seems to somehow have become a communal activity.

As an affiliate of the Amazon Associates Program you have a number of ways to promote the products from Amazons huge list. You can create mini-sites that give reviews of certain items that you wish to promote. Just receive your resources from your personal experiences if you have already bought the product yourself, or look at the reviews from other customers who have bought the items.

In your reviews enter links with your affiliate code (that is given to you by Amazon) that take the customer to the Amazon page showing the item you are reviewing.

Linking within text which is in your website or blog is only one way of promoting Amazon products. You need to take advantage of a variety of tools Amazon has to offer. Even though I have found contextual links to work the best, I also include different widgets and banners in my sites.

Lately I have been using Amazons “a store” found in the Amazon Associates Program which is just amazing. The “a store” is like having your own Amazon website within your own website. To learn how to create your “a store” in Amazon and how to use it CLICK HERE.

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