Creating Your Amazon astore

To create an Amazon astore you must:

STEP 1 - Log in into your Amazon Associates Program account and choose “astore” from the top bar.

STEP 2 -Choose the “tracking id” of your store which can be considered as the name of your store.

STEP 3 -Add your category pages (these category pages will have links to them on the left or right hand side of your template, depending on which layout you choose).

STEP 4 -Add products to each of your categories.

STEP 5 -Press “continue” at the bottom of the page to take you to the “Color and Design” section. At this point you can also preview your store by clicking “preview” at the bottom of the page.

STEP 6 -Now you will officially be asked to choose your store name and whether you would like to include your store name in your header.

STEP 7 -Preview your astore with every change you make so you are satisfied.

STEP 8 -Press “continue” to go to the sidebar widgets. This is were you choose whether your sidebar will be on the left or right and also what will be included in the sidebar. Make sure you preview your store and are happy with everything before you “Finish and Get Link”.

STEP 9 -Now with the html code that Amazon provides you, choose how you want to use your Amazon astore in your website. You have a choice of “standalone site”, “an inline frame”, or a “frameset”. The differences between the three are explained thoroughly by Amazon at this point.

Now that you have your Amazon astore ready with the products you want to promote, you just embed the code that Amazon has generated for you in your website.

Amazon aStore

To create my e-commerce mini websites I personally use AZ Crusher which is very simple to use and which is also great for someone who does not have any experience with programming languages and html. This software is also SEO orientated as it comes in two parts:

“The LongTail Domain Finder” which helps you find the right keywords for your niche and also checks to see which domain names are available for your keywords. You will use this first program BEFORE you start choosing your Amazon products as it will give you an indication of what line of products you should be promoting with relevance your profitable keywords.

“The AZ Sitebuilder” is the software that you will use to actually build your mini sites. This is a great piece of software that allows you to input your text, banners, widgets and even videos in your webpages. It comes along with custom headers, automatic updates from the creator, a page curator for each web page you create (this is like a search engine within the program that allows you to enter a keyword and then the curator will extract from the web anything with relevance to your keyword – a super dooper piece of software I can assure you.

The AZ Crusher software will then allow you to Export your finished website to your computer, so you can use a Free HTML editor like Kompozer to edit or change anything you wish to tweak. You can then upload your finished website to the web by using a free program like Filezilla.

Note: if you do not want or do not know how to edit and/or change your websites using an html editor like Kompozer, and you do not know how to upload to your hosting account using Filezilla then that is fine – AZ Crusher will give you a complete website and it will upload it for you if you wish, to your Hosting Company. All you need to do is enter the codes that your hosting company has given to you and AZ Crusher will do the rest.

Take a look at the AZ Crusher in more detail, and see for yourself how amazing this product is. Using Amazon with their vast variety of products and the Amazon Associates Program where you will make your Amazon astore, combined with AZ Crusher package, you will be able to do some amazing things and increase your online income – using the above combinations, the sky is the limit!!!

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