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Article Publishing

One of the main benefits of article publishing is that once you publish your article to an article directory, it is there for anyone to see, for a lifetime. By submitting your high quality original articles, you will gain credibility and exposure, and send traffic back to your website or webpage, depending on what you are promoting.

If you have just written your article and your still wondering what to do with it, the answer is simple – article publishing at Ezinearticles.

Ezinearticles Expert Author is a massive market place for article publishing. At the time of writing this article, Ezinearticles has over 440,000 authors who have published their articles to this popular article directory. Readers of articles that are published at ezinearticles are guaranteed unique content since articles are scanned for duplication when authors submit their articles, giving readers authentic content.

Because of the popularity of ezinearticles, it is very high in the search engines. This means that when you post your articles they will get indexed by all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, giving you long term organic traffic.

So when visitors read your article, and your article is of quality content, with a compelling resource box people will click your link you are promoting. Don’t forget that article publishing is "free advertising"creating ongoing traffic since the article is there for the visitor to view for life.

To open your free account with ezinearticles you need to click on the “start your free membership” button, or click on the “join” link which is situated at the top right corner of the homepage. The process to get your account setup is a very simple step-by-step procedure, explained in easy terms.

Once you have created your account, ezinearticles will guide you through important procedures such as setting up your profile, so you can just concentrate on your article publishing. Make sure that you upload an image of yourself. It is always wise to do this so you can brand yourself and your viewers can actually visualize you when reading your article.

On nearly every page in ezinarticles there is a very helpful “Learn How” tutorial video which will guide you in how to leverage all of their facilities offered. To submit a new article, just select “article manager” and in the drop down menu select “submit a new article”.

You will then need to select a category and a subcategory concerning the article you are going to publish. If for example, your article is about affiliate marketing, you would most probably choose “internet and business online” as your category, and “affiliate revenue” as your subcategory. To post your article you will then need to fill in 5 different fields:

  1. Title of your article.
  2. Abstract – which is basically a 2-5 sentence summary of your article. If you leave this field blank, the first sentences of your article will be chosen to fit this criteria.
  3. Article body – which is the article itself.
  4. Keywords – this is where you would put all of the words or phrases you have chosen, which will be read by the search engine spiders. If you do not understand this, this is a whole different topic by itself, but have in mind that ezinearticles will again give you suggestions which you can use.
  5. Resource box – this is the main reason why you use article publishing in the first place. This is where you actually promote yourself including your website address or your affiliate link.

What I personally do when I publish my articles in ezinearticles, is that I copy my article from my word document or notepad, then paste it straight in the article body with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor turned off. Ezinearticles will then give suggestions for my keywords and also suggestions for my title.

I then take the most important 2 or 3 sentences from my article and copy and paste that in my abstract field. If you leave the abstract field empty, then it will be filled automatically with the first few sentences of your article.

Finally in the resource box, I write a few sentences about myself and then I direct the viewers to click on my url address to receive more free information. It’s far more effective by not sending your viewers directly to a sales page, but rather giving even more quality information, will pay off in the future.

So you understand what I mean, I send my viewers to a one page website (landing page) where they would “sign in” to receive their free weekly newsletter, giving them quality content which they can use. After all, nurturing your relationships with your visitors is “the” most important thing in the internet marketing business. I treat my visitors exactly the same way that I would expect to be treated from others.

Once you have filled in all the necessary fields, it’s always a good idea to preview your article first before submitting it. Do not put affiliate links in the text of your article – leave the links for your resource box. It is also advised to buy your own domain name and use that as your affiliate link, rather than using an affiliate link directly.

When you submit your article, ezinearticles will notify you if you need to change anything or whether any minor amendments are needed, which will be done by themselves. In the beginning your article will need about a week for it to be published online, however the more article publishing you do, the faster your new articles will be published, and at the same time your author status will be upgraded.

The great thing about article writing and publishing your unique content is that you can use your articles in many other ways, such as content for your own website or blog, or to answer questions in forums, or even as newsletters.

You can also see the statistics concerning your articles by using ezinearticles, such as how many people actually viewed your article, and how many actually clicked on your affiliate link in your resource box.

In general, article writing is unique in the sense that a same article that is re-written by a different author will read differently since each author uses a piece of their personality to get the message across to the reader.

On the right of this page, you can see some great books that I personally recommend about article writing.

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