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Automatic Responder

Using an automatic responder (aka autoresponder) for your internet marketing business is something you cannot do without. When first starting out, you can have a look at some of the free ones which are available, however they offer limited services, such as a limited number of subscribers you can have.

Automatic Responder

Any successful marketer will tell you that the most important tool they use is their automatic responder, since it helps to keep in contact with current customers, but also to develop a relationship with potential customers. You can send your reminders, email courses, invoices and many other types of messages to your customer list at a predefined time frame period.

However, one of the things that you must avoid doing is to add people to your list manually. Customers must be added through an opt-in form, which they will find on a web page, promoting one of your products or services. After a customer has opted in (his/her own choice), they must be sent a confirmation email, to confirm that they have requested to give you their name and email address, in exchange for the information or product you are offering.

The messages you send must also have an option, usually placed at the end of the message, so that your customers can unsubscribe at any time if they wish too, and stop receiving future messages from you. It is also a good idea to add your name, address and a link to your email address, when sending out your messages.

Have in mind that if you do not use your automatic responder correctly, you might be accused of spamming, which will result in severe consequences for your online business.

As a business owner you need to take control of many issues, and one of these issues is to track how well your advertising campaigns are doing. This service is called response tracking and is available with all good autoresponders like GetResponse, which has a step by step guide on how to use this service. This service will make your marketing much more effective and profitable.

One way to improve your messages that you send, which in turn will improve your response rate, is by personalizing them. GetResponse for example, which i personally consider the king of kings, will have ready made personalized codes, which you can write in your messages, allowing you to use the current date, and addressing your customer with their name. By using this you will give the impression to your customer that you created your message that same day, and it was written especially for that customer, giving that extra personal touch.

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Once you have a considerable amount of customers on your list, you can send out messages which create interest and excitement about a product you are planning on launching at a future date. If for example you are planning on creating and promoting an eBook, by informing your customers about how the information in your eBook will solve their problems, and by giving them the release date, you create anxiety.

One of the reasons why your messages might not have a great response rate, is the fact that your customers might not be receiving them in the first place. You can avoid this by explaining to your customers how to “white list” you in your confirmation email, once a customer signs up to your opt-in form.

Another method that I personally use is to first send my automatic responder message to myself first. This way I will see whether the message has arrived in my inbox, or spam folder, I can see how the format of the message is, and if the message is delivered at the specific time I intended it to be delivered.

People love to have access to things that others can’t get too, because it makes them feel special. Giving them access for instance, to a secret page which is password protected on your website, by using your autoresponder to send them their login details is an excellent technique to make your customers feel unique.

If your website is a paid membership site, another way is to give your list a free trial period so they can visit your site and view the content. This not only promotes your website, but also gives your customers a special bonus that they will appreciate.

Make the most of your favorite automatic responder and enjoy the benefits from it by building and nurturing a relationship between you and your customer list.

Don’t forget – the money is in the list!!!

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