15 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy 

Boost Your Energy

There are many ways to boost your energy when you’re feeling drowsy, but the trick is to find a natural way to give you that energy boost. The first thing we do when we need a quick energy “fix” is to run to the coffee machine and get our dose of caffeine. Another “quick fix” is to drink our favorite energy drink booster, which of course gives you the shot of energy you want, but at what expense?

You need to find healthy, natural ways to boost your energy to stay awake and alert. The following list has 25 suggestions to do this:

1. Eat Nutritious Low Carb Snacks – Low carb snacks such as fruits like apples, raspberries, oranges and grapefruits are great energy boosters.  Stay away however from dairy products, breads and meats.

2. Apply pressure to the top of the back of your neck Using your fingertips, apply pressure and gently massage the top part of the back of your neck for about 5 minutes.

3. Chew on sugar-free peppermint gum – The mint taste not only freshens your mouth, but your mind as well. Also the movement of the jaw requires muscles of your face to work, which helps prevent drowsiness.

4. Turn on the lights – If you are in a room where the lights are dimmed or they are off, it’s a good idea to turn them on since darkness promotes fatigue and laziness.

5. Take short exercise breaks every two hours – Every couple of hours, take a walk or just a short break from what you are doing. Going outdoors for a little fresh air is always a good way to rouse your senses.

6. Change your socks – As crazy as it may seem, by changing your socks during the day, it has been proven that it can make you feel much fresher, which in turn prevents drowsiness.

7. Set the correct room temperature – Being stuck in a lecture room or in a meeting can be boring enough, so insist that the room temperature is set to no more than 25 degrees Celsius, otherwise you will find it hard to stay awake. If not at least you have an excuse if you do take a short nap.

8. Ice Cold Water – And here I’m not only talking about ‘drinking’ ice cold water. Yes that helps too, but try splashing some on your face; I bet it will give you a wake-up shock!

9. Take a 30-45 short nap – If you have the chance to get a short nap around mid-day (if you’re an early riser), or mid-afternoon (if you’re like me, and sleep in late), then take it. Sometimes this is how I reward myself after I have just crossed off one of my ‘to-do-lists’. Believe me it’s a motivator!

10. Eat 5 small meals a day – Most of us do not do this, and it is not only to avoid sluggishness, it’s to keep you healthy as well. Keep your metabolism running on full alert and you will not only notice a boost of energy, but a stomach that will say ‘thank you’ to you, not solely to how it feels, but to how it trims down as well.

11. Cut down on coffee and the so called energy drinks – You might enjoy your cup of coffee, especially in the morning, thinking it will boost your energy levels. Too many coffees however will end up causing you fatigue and nervousness. As for energy drinks – try and stay away from them all together.

12. Lose the extra kilos – By avoiding unnecessary sugars, a little exercise and drinking lots of water you can lose any extra weight you might have. Being overweight can take a toll on your body, but most importantly can reduce your energy level.

13. Avoid complainers and negative people – People who continuously complain are usually negative people. These kinds of people affect your energy levels and can take you down with them if you hang around them regularly, so beware.

14.  Eat energy food and whole grains – Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that need time to break down, providing you with energy that lasts. Some superfoods including fruit, yogurt, eggs and vegetables are great high energy foods.

15.  Get your 8 hours of zzzz – Sleeping a full 7-8 hours is an obvious one, but also one that is neglected by many. If you want to wake up fresh in the morning, ready to conquer the world, then get the proper amount of sleep, and leave the late night TV shows for someone else to watch.

As you can see there are many ways you can boost your energy, and all are natural. By the way, most of these methods, if not all of them, keep you healthy as well.

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