How You Define Successful
is the Key to Your

If you want to be successful, then how you define successful is the key !!!

The important question is defining your own version of "being successful", and what it really means to you.

If you were a businessman and someone asked you "what do you do for a living?" Your answer - "I'm a successful businessman".

If you had a business that was giving you a 6 figure income, but you spent 15 hours a day working, 7 days a week, which kept you away from your family and friends, would you consider that success?

Or maybe your version of defining success, is that you have an average job with an average wage, just about managing to pay your mortgage and bills, but you have the time for your favorite sport or hobby, and time for your wife and kids, and most importantly, time for yourself?

You see, only YOU can decide what success means to you, and how successful you are.

Conclusion - Find your own "Balance Of Success", write it down and then make it happen !!!


So how do you "make it happen"?

1. Hard Work - Once you have written down your own definition of your balance of success, and what makes you happy, you must acknowledge that a lot of hard work is necessary to achieve your success. You need to work harder than the majority, if you want to be more successful than them. The best quote that comes to mind to analyze this is by the late Jim Rohn, "I do now what most won't do, so that I can have later what most can't" - Jim Rohn

2. Committment - As soon as you acknowledge that it will take lots of hard work to succeed you must put in the effort and commitment to do whatever it takes.

3. Sense of Urgency - Who do you think outpaces the other - the fox or the rabbit? The answer is, the one who is not just hungry, but the one running for his life!!! Create a sense of urgency and be impressed by your own capabilities.

4. Share Your Goals - If you have a spouse, share your ambitions and goals with them, that way you must be accountable to them. The long hours of hard work in the beginning must be accounted for, and believe me, your spouse will be reminding you.

5. Focus - As an Internet Marketer, my biggest obstacle was to stay focused. Hungry to learn, i found myself joining numerous newsletters and forums, that in the end, just bombarded me with emails and "Get Rich Quick" sales letters. Find yourself a good source of information and stick to it.

Distractions are all around us only if we let them distract us. Learn a skill, and then implement it.

"The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time" - Mozart

Easy Not To Do

So how hard is it to be successful?

As hard as you make it. Stop procrastinating and follow what NIKE tells us to do - just do it !!!

"You must learn to translate wisdom and strong feelings into labor" - Jim Rohn

How Some People Define 'Success'

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