6 Tips For Success
In Your
Direct Sales Business

If you are involved in Direct Sales, or even thinking of getting involved, here are some tips to help you revolutionize your business. The following are 6 concepts that will help you transform your business so you can get better results and make more money.

Direct Sales

Treat Your Business Like A Real Business

Even though your sign up fee is a very low fee to start your own business, you must treat it like a million dollar business. People who join MLM companies do not realize that this is a real business. Most people who join have been employees all their lives with no prior entrepreneurial, marketing or even sales experience.

So when it comes to their direct sales business they tend to treat it as a hobby instead of a real business. They might spend one hour this week building their business and then do nothing the following week, and then actually get upset if they don’t see any results. If you spent a million dollars in a McDonalds franchise, would you only spend 1 hour a week in building your business?

Work The Numbers

Direct selling is a numbers game, so if you consistently share your products and business opportunity you will see positive results in the long run – not everyone will say NO to you all the time. The sooner you appreciate the fact that most people will reject your business opportunity for various reasons, then the sooner you will understand that you just have to move on.

You might be convinced that a family member or a best friend, unconditionally needs your business opportunity, probably more than you do, but when they say no to you, you are heart broken and just don’t understand why. The fact is – just get over it!!! You don’t need to understand why.

Consistent Action

Consistency is the key to everything in life, including direct sales. This means that to grow your business you need to work at it every day, every week and every month. You cannot work for a week and then take a week off for no special reason. If you do this you lose momentum and this is not possible if you want to achieve financial freedom. Once you grow your business do not forget to consistently follow-up your existing prospects. Existing customers are just as important as potential customers, if not more important.

Commit To Personal Growth

If you are new to marketing or sales you need to learn a few basic but vital things. First of all you need to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. You must focus on becoming a better person in general, which will then reflect on whatever you do, including your business.

You need to read articles and books, listen to tapes and attend seminars. Make a habit of learning something new every day and try to learn from the best. Successful people have a few things in common – one of them is they spend small fortunes investing in themselves.

Take Advantage Of The Internet

Whether we like it or not, the internet has affected our lives. It’s a powerful source of information and helps people interact with each other worldwide. As a direct sales person you need to take advantage of this and work it to your advantage. You will see that no matter how big your list of prospects is, the chances are is that it will run out before you hit that big success you want.

So you need to generate leads and prospects using the internet, whether it be by social networking like facebook, and/or having your own blog or website. Become an expert in your field by continuously learning and then passing that information on to help others.

Never Quit

So many people join this industry and expect immediate results for their work. You must understand that in the beginning you will be doing 80% work and rewarded 20%. As time goes by, these figures revert, since once your team members recruit other members and your organization grows, you will mostly concentrate on leading your team instead of only recruiting.

At this stage the work that you did in the past will start bringing you in residual income. Make a long term commitment and with hard work and consistency the odds will move in your favor.

"You are never a loser until you quit trying" - Mike Ditka

Why Even Consider Your Own Business?

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