Dreams And What They Mean To Us – What Do Your Dreams Mean?

It has been known that dreams are a representation of our unconscious fears and desires, yet modern scientists argue that dreams exist to aid our survival. It’s hard enough trying to figure out why certain things happen in our conscious life, let alone trying to make sense of our dreams and what they mean to us.  

Dreams and What They Mean

Why we dream and what they mean can be as fascinating, but at the same time puzzling for many of us. But with a little help from some dream interpretation experts, maybe we can begin to understand the signals our dreams are trying to point out to us.

Dreams that have the most meaning to us are usually the ones that we have when we are in our deepest sleep; between 2:00 am – 6:00 am. Something to note here is that the dreams that are most memorable to you are not necessarily the ones that are important to you. 

A common example of this is when we sometimes dream that we are listening to ringing bells, but then we wake up and find that it was only our alarm clock beside the bed. Another simple example is when you dream that you are falling from the sky, only to wake up and realize that you have just fallen out of bed.  

As a general note, dreams involving sounds or physical actions should not be considered meaningful. Watching a horror movie just before you go to sleep, and then having nightmares is a common factor, but like the above examples, are meaningless. You’re much better off watching a comedy just before you go to bed anyway. An even better choice would be to read an inspirational content book to lift your mood. You could go one step further and implement both sounds and physical actions with your partner just before you go to sleep, but that means you would probably skip your dreaming as well. The choice is yours. Personally, I  .  .  .  .  .  .  am not telling J

Enough of joking around and lets get to some serious interpretation of our dreams and what they mean to us. Some common dreams and their meanings are the following: 

·  Being Chased – This usually is your subconscious mind telling you that you are trying to avoid some painful or frightening issue, whether that is a person, a situation or just an emotion.  Remember that details in dreams are very important. For instance in this kind of dream, it can be just as important of seeing who or what is chasing you, rather than the actual ‘reason’ why they are chasing you.

·   Falling – If you haven’t already fallen out of your bed, this kind of dream can mean that something in your life is out of control, but more importantly, moving rapidly in the wrong direction.

·   Flying - When you dream you are flying, it usually means a sense of superiority that you might feel. It is about being proud of yourself and having the desire to rise to the occasion and overcoming difficult situations in your waking life. Dreaming about flying is also connected to your sexual life. Flying high means you are happy with your sexual life. Are you a Superman or Superwoman???

·   Dying/Death – This one is not as bad as it seems.  Dreaming that you have died can be interpreted in that you are looking for a spiritual transformation for yourself; a new start. Dreaming about the death of a loved one can symbolize that this person is no longer in your life.

·   Being Late – I have experienced this one many times, but not in dreaming; literally at going to work! However dreaming about being late for a certain occasion can mean that you are anxious about that specific occasion. It could also mean that you have missed out on an opportunity that came your way, or that you need to organize your life more in general.

Dreams can be intriguing, but understanding their true meaning and purpose to us can be so beneficial. Revealing our dreams and what they mean to us can sometimes protect us, or even help us in making important decisions in our life, so this is one subject you cannot afford to neglect. Happy dreaming!

Your Unconscious Knows Before You Know !!!

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