How To Cure a Headache The Natural Way

Whether it’s a nasty migraine or just a minor ache, headaches are not fun to deal with. Before however you start popping pills you should try some natural ways to reduce suffering from headaches. Some natural ways are more effective than others, and of course each person needs to find what works for them. Below are a number of ways on how to cure a headache the natural way.

How to Cure a Headache

Press The Pain Away – Acupressure is an ancient healing art that anyone can do by using your fingertips to press some pressure points. For a general headache you can use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the flesh between your other hand’s thumb and index finger, about an inch in from where they connect. Massage gently in circular motions for about one minute and then switch hands and repeat.

Go For a Short Walk – By going outdoors and breathing some fresh air, and by having a 30-40 minute brisk walk, you lower stress levels and boost natural pain-killing chemicals known as endorphins. Do not go overboard with exercises and do not walk in high temperatures since this can actually cause a headache or extend the pain of an existing one. 

If you notice that during or after each workout, you have a headache, it means that you are probably dehydrated or you are not eating healthy.  Whatever the case, if you have chronic headaches it is always wise to see your doctor. 

Try Cryotherapy – Coming from the Greek word “cryo” which means “cold”, a proven method to relieve pain from headaches is to apply something cold on the most intense pain area. You can use an ice pack, cold gel packs or just a bag of frozen vegetables to apply over the pain area. This will help constrict blood vessels around the scalp and can slow the rate at which nerves transmit pain signals to the brain.

Have a Snack – We always tend to blame stress after a long hard day at work, but sometimes the real reason behind a painful headache is that we just forget to eat. No matter how busy you are, always remember to eat at least a snack every 3-4 hours and have plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day). 

The brain needs two things to survive and function properly and they are oxygen and glucose. The water we drink helps provide the brain with the necessary oxygen it needs and glucose comes from the food we eat.

What To Avoid And What Not To – Fizzy drinks is one thing you need to avoid, not only to avoid headaches but to stay healthy in general.  Smoking goes without saying; each puff of a cigarette, you breathe in more than 4000 harmful chemicals. Avoid any kind of fried food, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, salt and especially caffeine.

Things you need to have to maintain a good flow of energy and blood to the brain are fiber-rich foods, whole grains, green tea, ginger, carrots, almonds and prunes. Great headache pain relievers are carrot juice and peppermint tea.

Get Your “8 Hours” - Another “must” is to get your 8 hours sleep. Try also to keep your sleeping hours the same every night. Surveys have shown that bad sleeping habits can trigger of headaches and severe migraines.

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