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– The Money Tree

Have you ever heard of the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Well the video just below proves the people who use this phrase are wrong!!!

Before you watch the video let me tell you of a short true story about myself. Not so long ago, I remember being so short on cash flow that I was desperate, resulting in a state of depression. Walking my dog every afternoon near the local park I sometimes hoped that somebody had lost or forgotten a plastic bag full of money.

And if only I could just find that money bag - my financial problems solved!!! 

So there was me walking my dog and always looking down on the floor, hoping to find that plastic bag full of cash. The truth was however, that I was so “desperate” to solve my problems the easy way, that even if I did come across my Golden Plastic Bag, I probably would have not found it even if it were sitting right in front of me.

Why is that?

Watch the video below and you will get the idea.

I hoped you enjoyed “The Money Tree” as much as I did. Congratulations to Amy and company for this enlightening experiment.

Sometimes we are all daydreaming of things that we would like to have, or how to face our problems, that we are distracted from what is right in front of us. There is so much abundance and opportunity all around us every single day but sometimes we just go by on auto pilot without thinking or even seeing the obvious.

Can you relate to the meaning of the above video?

How many opportunities have you missed out on, because of our everyday routines that blind us?

If it was you in the above video, do you think you would have been “switched on” to notice the money tree, or would you just walk on by?

Another fact that amazed me from the video, was that most of the people who did notice the tree took just one bill and walked off. What happened to human greed? I thought that was pretty impressive to say the least.

Lets put aside for a minute the question “what would have you done in the above video”, and ask the question, “what will you do from now on”?

If you found something that you could do either online or offline, to start picking from your own money tree, or better still, grow your own money trees that would help other people as well, how would you react?

Act Now !!!!!!

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