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– The Broken Escalator

A funny short video showing two people going to work like they have been doing for so long, who seem to be full of confidence and ready to take on the world, only for something devastating to happen and change their plans for the day. Luckily for them though, a third person (professional) comes to the problem. The amusing part of it however is how they all “approach” the problem.

What is interesting is how people, when things do not go the way they want them to go, tend to blame others, complain that they are not lucky, and always try to find excuses for themselves by criticizing everything and everyone, except themselves. We also have the tendency as humans, to expect help from others since we are always the “victims”.

Enjoy the 2 minute video.

Although a bit far fetched since it is just a commercial, the video above is showing us many different things at the same time. For instance, do we all as human beings rely on technology so much?  What do we do as humans when something doesn’t go according to plan? Are we all so stuck on our daily routines and habits that thinking a little different or being slightly flexible, is out of the question?

When we come across a so called problem, sometimes we need to step out of the circle, to really understand what the problem is all about. How many times have you thought that you are in a difficult, almost critical situation, that you thought that there is no other alternative or solution?  Did you overcome your problem by yourself, or did you need the advice of others?

The trio in the video are like so many people I know (who have a fraction more of common sense  J), that under certain situations will just “freeze” not knowing what to do next.  Unless pointed in the right direction and given a step by step guide to follow, will not take any action.

Do not misunderstand me for my previous comment (joke) about the people I have been in contact with; many of my friends are more educated and knowledgeable than I am. However, over the last couple of years I have been blessed with meeting people who have the right attitude and motivation, to overcome any possible difficult circumstance that blocks there way to success.

And if you hang around these people long enough, their positive approach and how they tackle life, will soon rub off onto you as well. Watching “normal” people accomplish great achievements inspires and motivates you because you know that you are also capable of achieving what they have.

Unfortunately society has “programmed” us all to live a certain life that only serves the few, and fulfills the dreams of only the “big almighty” sharks. So it is up to every individual to reprogram themselves.  Leaving your comfort zone and taking that “next step” can lead you to experiences you have never even dreamed possible.

My conclusion is for you to take action, if you want things to change otherwise you will come to a standstill like the people in the video.  Hopefully by reading a few of my articles, they will show you how fortunate you are, but also to “trigger” and motivate you to becoming something more than what you already are. 

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