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Have you ever spoken in front of a big crowd of people? How did it go? Are you a natural public speaker or do you have stage fright like most people?

So how do you overcome different fears such as stage fright? The answer to this question is probably obvious – you practice!!!

In the following video a 34 year old guy called Christopher from Liverpool has an amazing voice, and year after year he filled in the application form for auditioning on X Factor, but didn’t have the nerve to post the application.

As he admits, various “dream stealers” as I like to call them, were stealing his dream away from him, and saying that if he ever sang in public he would humiliate himself. Now whether these people were either jealous of his talent or whether they were real friends that were trying to protect him, the result unfortunately is the same – discouragement and taking away that person’s desires and dreams.

Watch the video and try and relate to a time when you were standing on stage, or even speaking in front of a few people, and remember how you felt and what your performance was like.  

What a standing ovation!!! That’s the way to do it Christopher. So who’s not “good enough” now?

I admire people like Christopher, not only because of his talent in singing, but the courage he eventually found to get on stage. However the most important factor, his dedication “not to let other people down who encouraged him”. I think that when you think of others, and how to make them happy (in this case his Grandmother), you self motivate yourself by putting other peoples feelings before yours, which in turn removes the focus and pressure from yourself.

Past studies have shown that stage fright is one of the biggest fears in existence. It ranks right up there with flying, being sick, and even death.  You may have heard the saying that “some people would prefer to be in their own coffins rather than give a eulogy at a funeral.” This might be over exaggerated but it does show you the degree of fear that public speaking has an effect on people.

5 Tips To Reduce Your Stage Fright Fear:

1.    Prepare your material in advance and practice reading it out loud to yourself (if you have the chance).

2.    Visualize your success, which means that you have given your audience something of value. After all, your audience is not really interested in you, or how good or bad you presented your material, they are interested in “what’s in it for them”, which is your material you are sharing with them.

3.    Be Yourself – As mentioned above, do not be afraid to make any mistakes. Do not try to be perfect. Even the best know speakers in the world make mistakes on stage.  Besides if you do not make mistakes, how can you improve?

4.    Connect with your audience – Always smile and enjoy the moment.  They are your friends not your enemies. Most of the people watching you already give you a thumbs up for having the courage to step up and speak publicly in the first place - rather you than them up on that stage.

5.    Try limiting caffeine, sugar and alcohol, not only before you speak in public, but in general. Exercising on a regular basis will also help you in that if you “feel good” you will pass this message on to your listeners.

If you would like to share your past or even present fears, then please do so. Share your feelings with us and explain if you have managed to overcome a certain fear.

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