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In the previous inspiring video we talked about different fears, mainly stage fright and public speaking. Well this guy Drew Dudley in the video below gives such an empowering speech about his own perspective of leadership.  

Talk about “connecting” with the audience, Drew had my 100% focus during his speech.

He delivers his message with such ease and fluency. His topic is about if you can call yourself a “leader” and surprisingly enough many of us cannot. This is because we have made leadership something bigger than us and out of our reach. 

Enough said, I do not want to spoil his amazing speech.     

Pretty amazing hey? 

Now then, let me ask you again – can you call yourself a leader?

Of course you can!!! We have all shared some words or actions that have made a difference in someone’s life. 

If you still cannot call yourself a leader, then that means someone has not yet shared their thoughts and feelings with you and thanked you for your kind words or actions. Even worse, are you guilty of not appreciating someone’s words or actions towards you, which have changed, even slightly, a part of your life?

I personally remember taking the opportunity to thank many of my family and friends who have made a difference in my life, at my wedding ceremony. At the time, I would not have picked up a microphone and talked publicly even if you paid me. 

But that night I felt an urge, a responsibility if you like, to thank the many people who have made a difference in my life. Surprisingly, at the end, people were telling me what a great speech I had given, making people cry and laugh at the same time.

Maybe because it came from the heart and was long overdue, or just maybe the alcohol had some effect over the outcome J.

Don't forget that you are a leader with influence and that many times you display your leadership with small acts of kindness, guidance and inspiration to others, and you are unaware of this, the fact remains however is that you do it!!! 

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