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This is one of many inspiring videos that has caught my attention and that I consider to be educational and meaningful.

There will always be people telling you that you’re crazy, you’re a dreamer, you can’t do it; but guess what; only YOU can prove them right or wrong.  The only person holding you back is Yourself.  

Every barrier and obstacle you find in your way to success has been put there to test the level of how badly you want to overcome it. The problems you will face on your journey will decide how much you actually want to reach your goals.

Watch this inspiring video and hopefully it will “trigger and ignite” what you need to do in your life.

As mentioned in the video above, there are 2 types of people in this world when it comes to attitude. The first types of people are the kinds that wait for perfect opportunities to come to them so they can then eventually “take them”. 

They end up however waiting a long time, since the opportunity was never “good enough” or “it wasn’t for them”. They come up with every petty excuse you can think of, just because something was holding them back, but most importantly, they didn’t have what it takes to confront “RISK” of failure.

The second types of people are the ones who find a way to create opportunity for themselves. They carve their own path through life and make their own fate, devaluing the meaning of risk. 

They are the ones who take their lives in their own hands and live their life on their terms and no-one else’s. They live their own dream, not someone else’s. They are not afraid to go after what they want in life because they use the “Fear” inside of them, to their advantage, not as a disadvantage.  They use this fear to create drive and motivation and then they combine it with perseverance and determination.

So the billion dollar questions are:

Will you be held back by anything or anyone from reaching your targets and living your dream life?


Will you take your fate into your own hands and take action, becoming fearless no matter what you find in your way?

What are YOU going to do with YOUR life?

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