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– Flip The Script (Lost Generation)

Another one of many inspiring videos that has caught my attention and consider to be educational and meaningful.

Today’s inspirational video is a very clever small exercise that you can, and should do as well. Because I don’t want to spoil the surprise I will let you watch the video first before I comment .

So here it is:

I guess what the above video is trying to say is that if you are not getting what you want from life, then just take a look at your internal dialog.  Write it all down, everything negative in your mind that is based on your past and current beliefs, and then simply reverse it like in the video you have just watched. You will be amazed on how it “flips”.

Read your above “flipped” script every day until your mindset and life changes. Don’t only stick with the one script, carry on writing. You need to get all the “negative material” out of your system and turn it 180 degrees.

The book “flip the script” written by Bill Wackermann is an amazing book that among other things, shows how by “flipping the script” you can determine your success by how hard you are willing to look at yourself and your ability to deconstruct patterns of behavior, that you have established over a lifetime.

By approaching everything in life with a different mindset, you still cannot control certain circumstances, but you can manage them. In the above mentioned book, the author states that “the first step is to embrace the notion that turning a situation around and creating new opportunities takes the desire to face yourself as you really are and a willingness to see the potential that could be hiding right in front of you.”

Like everything I write about, actions must follow words, so make sure you do take this clever exercise. If you are still confused on how it works just watch the video again, write down your negative inner beliefs about yourself, your actions and your surroundings, then read them to yourself over and over, but backwards, so the meaning is reversed. 

Have fun!!!

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