A Collection of Inspiring Videos

These are just some inspiring videos I have come across and wish to share. Both educational and motivational, there will definitely be at least one video here that will touch your heart  

The Imperfect Perfect Father

The Imperfect Perfect Father

How far a father will go to show his love for his child

A Little Extra Effort

A Little Extra Effort

How big can a little extra effort make?

How long it takes to learn a new skill

Learning a New Skill

How long it really takes to learn a new skill

Being Fearless

Being Fearless

There are 2 types of people in this world

Arthur's Transformation Video

Arthur's Transformation

Proof that there is always time and a way to take control of your life

You v Yourself

You v Yourself

There is only this moment and the next moment

Entrepreneurs can change the world


With the right attitude you can do anything you want!!!

Flip the Script

Flip the Script

An amazing little trick that can change your perspective of life

Christopher's Audition

Christopher's Audition

Taking on your worst fears

Father Son Relationship Video

Father Son Relationship

Do you really know how much time and effort your father has given to you in your lifetime?

Leading with Lollipops video

Leading with Lollipops

Why we make leadership bigger than what we are

The Money Tree video

The Money Tree

What would you do if you found a 'money tree' as you were walking by?

Dance Walking Videos

Dance Walking

A wake up call to finally 'let go' and 'be yourself'

Body Language in Presentations

Body Language

Your body language shapes who you are. What does your body language say?

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