Leadership Characteristics - Are You A Leader?

Having leadership characteristics are the essential prerequisites for success in business, and life in general for that matter. Many believe leaders are born, while others believe leaders are made. Personally I believe that leadership is a process which can be achieved and the success rate depends on the amount of investment we make in it. More personal investment leads to better outcomes, leading to a better leader.

Obtaining leadership characteristics requires time and during that time you need to systematically keep working on your good habits and lose the bad ones. You do not become a leader because you self pronounce yourself as one, instead you are made a leader by the people who are willing to follow you.


Great leaders all have one thing in common and that is time management. They always need to find that extra time since being a leader means you have many people looking up to you, either asking for advice, asking for the next instructions, or just waiting for you to show them the next step.

Whether we have leadership characteristics ourselves or not, we have all come across some kind of leader that stands out from the crowd. This is the one who is always looking ahead and knows exactly where to go and when to go. They have a vision where they will believe in something even though its not there yet.

A friend of mine just over two years ago heard of an MLM company from the U.S. and after hearing a few good comments about that company, decided to go to a live presentation about that company, travelling more than 3000 miles away. He came back to our small Island called Cyprus where MLM companies were practically unheard off.

With what he saw and the vision he had, he managed within 2 years to spread the word around in Cyprus about this company and its benefits, and is now boasting a Network team greater than anyone can possibly believe. His team is spreading over 10 different countries and growing, and with the help of other leaders he has found and made on his journey, has made our small Island the fastest growing Network power machine outside of the U.S.

A true believer and a great leader – Well done Nakis !!!

A true leader not only focuses on their self development, but also finds the time and the right words and actions to bring out the best in others. They provide opportunities for others, or at least show them the way to opportunities, then follow up with support. They encourage people to attend training lessons to learn as much as possible, including self motivation which for me is the key to anyone’s success.

A good hallmark of effective leadership characteristics is to “spread the fame and take the blame”. This basically means that any good news within a team, the leader is the first one to recognize this and spread the word around firstly to appreciate and credit the achiever, but also to give as an example to the rest of the team. When things don’t quite work out within the team or team activities and results, the leader is the first to acknowledge this and take the blame.

Politicians are considered to be role models and leaders of the many, since they were voted by the majority. However how many politicians do you see take the blame for “wrong actions” or in some cases even worse “no actions”? I’m afraid the answer to this is “not too many”. It takes a true leader to accept their mistakes and deal with the consequences.

Sometimes we mistake loud and influential people as being leaders. Anyone can speak in a high tone voice and try to influence a crowd, but how many can live up to their expectations as true leaders. Mahatma Gandhi is a humble leader that comes to mind. A very simple and modest person with millions of followers. A leader who tries to elevate everyone else instead of himself.

To conclude, my personal view of someone with leadership characteristics is when that person “makes things happen”. There are many great prescriptions for a true leader, but if someone can get a group of people together and just make things happen for the best, then to me that person has made a difference and that’s what counts.

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