How Long it Really Takes to Learn a New Skill

How long to learn a new skill

Experts say that to master a new skill you need at least 10,000 hours of focused learning. That’s 40 hours a week (a 5 day full time job), for 5 years! So when people, including myself, are advising others to learn a new skill so as to have a ‘Plan B’ in these difficult economic times, it’s no wonder many have second thoughts and even more don’t even need to think about it; they just say “why bother”.

But this conclusion by the experts is misinterpreted since the word ‘master’ is often overlooked. Yes it might take you 5 years to ‘master’ a new skill, but it doesn’t take you that long to actually ‘learn’ that skill. What’s wrong with starting the learning procedure and then improving as you go along?

Watch the video below and find out how long it really takes to learn a new skill, whether it be a new hobby, a new language or a new home based business.

It’s quite a long presentation video I know, but I’m sure you have learned from it and were entertained as well. Part of what Josh Kaufman stated in the above video is what one famous motivational speaker quoted:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to become great”Zig Ziglar

Josh Kaufman broke down his learning methods in 4 separate steps:

  • Deconstruct the skill: You need to break down the skill you want to learn in smaller pieces, starting with the most important. Josh used his example as learning  4  common notes to giving him the ability to play loads of songs (in his own unique and amusing way J).
  • Self correct – when you reach a certain learning level, you are then able to improve on your mistakes you make along the way, moving you a step forward all the time.
  • Remove barriers to learning – Here is when you understand that there will be distractions that will increase your learning time. By identifying any kind of distractions and eliminating them or at least limiting them, your learning time will also decrease.
  • Practice at least 20 hours

I guess the conclusion is that you don’t need to be the best at whatever you do; you just need to be good enough to obtain your ‘desired’ results. Even if you focused learning a new skill for 50 years, you probably still wouldn’t be the best in the world at it because there’s always someone out there who is just a natural. 

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