Basic Marketing Definitions
and Terms for the
Internet Marketing Beginner

Many people are new to Internet Marketing, so I want to cover some basic marketing definitions and terms that you might come across, at least in brief.

Marketing Definitions and Terms

WWW - This stands for World Wide Web

Browser - A Browser is a program that allows you to view web pages. An example of a browser is Internet Explorer, and also Firefox.

URL - Stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In simple terms the URL is the “address” of a web page. Almost all of the time, it is also referred to as a “Domain Name”. Every webpage has a URL. An example of the well known “Google’s” URL would be,

Server - Is a very powerful computer, that stores the files and information of many users. They are used by Web Hosting companies.

Host - A host is a company that connects your computer, to the World Wide Web (WWW). What happens is that you will upload your files from your home, to a web hosting company, and then this hosting company will distribute them to the world through the World Wide Web (WWW). A very well-known hosting company is Hostgator.

Registrar - A registrar is an online company that you buy your “domain name” from. A very well-known company is Godaddy.

Search Engine - When looking for any information using the internet, you do it by using a search engine. The most famous search engine today is Google.

Autoresponder - A program that automatically responds via email to people who sign up for your newsletters, ecourses, ezine etc. You can also pre-set the program with several email messages to be sent to your subscribers at predetermined time. An example of a powerful and reliable autoresponder is GetResponse.

Webpage - A web page is simply any page that you see when you surf the internet. Every new screen you see is a new web page. To create a webpage you will need a domain name and a hosting account.

Website - A collection of information. A virtual online store. A website is a set of interconnected web pages.

Hyperlink - A hyperlink is a word(s) or image that you can click on, and by doing so, you will be sent to another location.

Nameserver - A nameserver links together your host with your registrar. You only need to be concerned with Nameservers if your Host and your Registrar are different companies.

Niche - A niche means a specific segment of a market. Its really what your website is all about. The three main Niches are the “Wealth” market, the “Health” market and the “Lifestyle” market.

These are very basic internet marketing definitions and terms that you will definitely come across in your internet business career.

For a more advanced and rich glossary, you can view the I.M.Dictionary, which covers from the most Internet Marketing basic terms, to the terminology used by the most advanced Internet Marketing Gurus.

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