How To Measure Success

Most people define and measure success the following way:

- Ability to earn an unlimited amount of money

- Working for yourself rather than trading time for dollars

- Enjoying more free time to spend with those you care about

- Setting your own schedule

- Learning a new skill, strategy or formula that works so well you can repeat it whenever you need or want more income.

Measure Success

However, before you can achieve anything, you need a starting point and a plan.

Have you ever heard it said that “people who believe that they can do something and take action", actually become successful?

Then there’s the other side of the spectrum. If you start out strong and determined to reach your goals, but then you don’t implement the plan and follow through with the process, you won’t achieve anything because you quit too soon.

An easy definition for measuring success: “When I accomplish one item on my To-Do list this week, I’m moving one step closer to my own personal goals.”

Have you ever made a promise to someone other than yourself? And because you cared about that person, you fulfilled that promise, right? Then that person praised you and thanked you. It felt good, didn’t it?

Then what I want you to consider today is making a promise to yourself and fulfilling that promise. Here’s a short check list to get you started. When you can place a check mark next to each item, that lets you know that you’re moving closer to your dreams and goals. Use the following check list to get you started with this mindset.

  • Choose a hobby, service, or any kind of interest that you feel comfortable enough to talk and write about it.
  • Watch the video below.

  • Use SBI to turn your interest into a business and a stream of income.
  • Set aside enough time to go through SBI's training videos i.e 1 week tell everyone "no distractions" !!!
  • Create the shell (basic structure and layout) for your website
  • Start creating the content for your website. Do not be a perfectionist. You can always come back and alter anything later on. Just get it done!!!
  • Create more quality content
  • Create even more quality content

"There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way" - Christopher Morley

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