Your Own Memory Jogger

Network Marketing, by its very nature, requires you to talk to large numbers of people. The longer your warm list, the better your chances for success. Therefore I have created this Memory Jogger for anyone to use to help you remember people you can write down on your warm list. Just make sure you contact everyone, because I see a lot of people eventually write their lists, but for some strange reasons, do not act.A great first step to start your list is to jot down all your contacts from your mobile phone, your email contacts, and your social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, e.t.c.) friends and followers. Then . . .

Memory Jogger


Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, step-relations.

Who Is Your .....

Dentist, doctor, lawyer, florist, postman, insurance agent, accountant, pharmacist, vet

Who Sold You Your .....

House, car/tires, television, stereo, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, suit, tie, shoes, business cards, wedding rings, eyeglasses/contacts, vacuum cleaner, boat, tent, motorbike, bicycle, furniture, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, lawnmower, luggage, carpets.

Who Do You Know That .....

Lives next door to you/across the street, is your spouses barber/hairdresser, teaches at your children’s school, was best man/usher/maid of honor/bridesmaid, was the photographer at your wedding, goes hunting/fishing with you, was in the army with you or your husband, is the architect of your house, goes bowling with you, is in the PTA board, works in your grocery shopping store, repaired any of your electrical appliances, upholstered your couch, co-workers from your old job(s), does your gardening, painted your house, built your house, owns the pet shop you bought your pet(s) from, installed your satellite dish, renewed your drivers license/road tax, owns an apartment, is a club member in any club you might be in, is your child’s kindergarten teacher, manages/owns the gym you go to, does your income tax form, cleans your clothes, put your wallpaper on, owns/works at a petrol station, services your car(s), delivers parcels, stores your carpets for you in the summer time, sells ice-cream in your neighborhood, owns/works in your local jewelry shop, sold you your aluminum door/windows, works for the travel agency you booked your holidays with

Who Do You Know Who Is A Professional .....

Student, nurse, golf pro, fashion model, security guard, fireman, secretary, welder, crane operator, policeman, music teacher, art instructor, carpenter, pilot/steward, bank cashier/teller, tailor, car/bike mechanic, editor, lab technician, restaurateur, social worker, lifeguard, race car driver, paper mill worker, bakery owner/employee, dietician, anesthetist, surgeon, librarian, real estate agent, newspaper press operator, bulldozer/forklift operator, bus driver, airline ticket agent, computer programmer, car salesperson, soft drink distributor, air traffic controller, interior decorator, swimming teacher, warehouse manager, moving van operator, rent-a-car representative, professional football player, professional basketball player, television producer/cameraman, cookware salesperson, dance instructor, industrial engineer, telephone lineperson, lithographer, fisherman, waiter/waitress, furniture dealer, farmer, actor/actress, horse trader/jockey, statistician, antique dealer, brewery salesperson, engineer, contractor, chiropractor, podiatrist, auctioneer, electrician, dental hygienist, shoe repairman, physical therapist, hotel owner/manager, judge.

Who Do You Know Who(m) .....

You respect, shows genuine concern for other people, is active in their current job, people always seem to like, does personal counseling (doctors, lawyers, financial advisors), is a professional, is in clubs and various group organizations, is in a teaching position in a school or business, deals with the public (such as police officers, firefighters, mail carriers, city officials), is in a management or supervisory or consultant or trainer capacity, is looking for more out of life, is ambitious, is “on-the-go” all the time, is considered a leader, attracts leaders, has children just starting junior school - high school or college, wants to set a good example for their children to follow, owns a business, holds a very responsible position that causes stress and pressure, wants to have freedom, is considering a new profession, changing jobs, is unable to advance in their job, has talents but is held back, just started selling or is an experienced salesperson, relies on ideas for their livelihood (authors, designers, promoters, advertisers), has never been able to get started or failed in business but still has strong desires, is going to college/university, has just graduated, was recently married and is just “starting out”, knows everyone in town, has international connections, works with you now, you see at the gym, is looking for a job, you play sports with, you know from your old neighborhood, already has a great job, does your hair, runs the spa, seems to change jobs often, did your home repairs, is into sports fitness and healthy diet, wants more time with their family.

Word Of Advice

Beware that by using your memory jogger, you will probably have a few names written down twice or even more, so I suggest once you have your names down with their contact information, separate the names in alphabetical order so you avoid contacting the same person more than once. Also keep track of who you called and when you called them, including their response, so you can call them back again within 6-8 months, showing them your progress and maybe this time, their time in life is the right time to be improved. When you have created your list, try to always carry it with you – you never know who your going to meet so you can add them on your list to contact at another time.

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