Job v Passive Income -
Which One Do You Choose?

Passive Income


  • What real everyday people do - more than 80%.

  • Usually work for a company in a cubicle of about 3x4 meters, large enough to fit a desk and a chair. (with the exceptional of a managerial job where you would probably have your own office which will be as big as your bedroom).
  • Talking of titles, if you work very hard, for a number of years, sometimes decades, you might be appointed as some kind of manager with a name and title sign sitting right in front of your desk for all to see. Oh by the way, a managerial title usually comes with more responsibilities, more working hours, and sometimes a pay rise.
  • A paycheck every single month increasing every 1 or 2 years which usually depends on inflation. Usually the increase is equal or less than inflation if your working for a corporation that know how to make profits!!! I nearly forgot to mention - sometimes in times of economic crisis, like the present, there is usually no annually income paycheck rise, and even sometimes a reduction. Worst case scenario you might lose your job, but don't worry there are always other jobs you can try and look for.

  • In a normal job you can get between 25-35 working days leave per year which is either paid by your company or by social insurance. This sounds great right? However sometimes you are forced to list the days you want leave about 2 or 3 months beforehand since there are many employees and a leave schedule needs to be planned ahead. That's OK if you can plan that much ahead, but sometimes the unexpected happens and your boss will likely decline any changes in your leave schedule.
  • Make sure your alarm clock is working so you wake up in the morning ready for work, because if your not on time you know who is going to be waiting for you at the entrance - that's right, the boss!! When its time to finish work however, if you stay a few hours for unpaid overtime, I'm sure the boss wouldn't mind. He/she might even promise you that your name would be passed on to the big bosses upstairs, and you know what that means - so much appreciation and gratitude, but you might need to wait a while.
  • Work smarter and harder than everyone else and you know what you will be given - you guessed it, more work to do. But who cares, at least you will be acknowledged that you are the hard working one in your department (which is not usually a good thing sometimes because people can get very jealous). This is where it gets tricky though, the more you work the more mistakes you will make. And guess who will be there to "appreciate" all the mistakes you have made - you guessed it, the boss!!!

  • Work 40 hours per week for 40 years and you might get that golden watch so you can show it off to your grandchildren and boast how hard you've worked in your life.

  • So what about that headache called government tax? Great news, you don't have to worry about a thing. By the time you get your paycheck all the taxes are deducted for you before you even see a penny - you see, no hard work from your part. Oh by the way your company will also contribute towards your pension so when your about 65, well nearly 70 nowadays, you will have a great pension to do anything your heart desires (if its still pumping that is). There can be a downside to this though. Sometimes people work for 40 odd years and discover there is no pension there waiting for them, or a good chunk of it has been lost by financial experts. Not to worry though, you can always depend on your children or grandchildren to help you out.


  • Only for the dreamers and it's wrong because it is done by the minority.

  • Work where you like, whether it be at home, in a coffee shop, at a friends house, or even on the beach. (sorry!! - no managerial title means no office).

  • Sorry, no managerial title for you - who are you going to be manager of, yourself? As with the name, title sign and office, forget it - your going to have to stick with the beach on a sun bed, or worst case scenario, your living room or office in the comfort of your own home.

  • No guaranteed monthly paycheck or passive income, however "if you work now you can play later". Basically means that since you work for yourself and aiming for that passive income whether it be through Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or any other means, the more you work now the more money you will have later. The good thing is your boss cannot fire you because you are your own boss. If things don't work out in a specific field of work, having the correct mindset and perseverance, you will always find something else to do and set your goals to achieve success, and eventually earn the passive income you dream off..
  • Working for yourself and earning a passive income means you can take the day off if it pleases you or even the whole week off - who cares, that residual income keeps rolling in paying for the bills. You set your own timetable for work and your own timetable for play, plus you don't have a boss to reject any unexpected requests.

  • No alarm clock, no waking up in the early morning even if you have had a previous late night, but most of all, no boss with a "killer look" waiting to pounce on you at that front door entrance. If you keep your own schedule and work hard following your own plan, you will see that passive income flowing in, and that is when you understand you are or have been doing something right - and that is the best appreciation and gratitude you can give yourself.

  • Work smarter and harder than everyone else in your field and you are guaranteed success. Yes on your journey you will be making mistakes but, for example in Network Companies you will have a team and a sponsor to guide you along the way (if you succeed then they succeed as well, so it's a win-win situation for all). On the other hand if you are your own boss then mistakes will only make you stronger in your work, and the only person to blame you, is you!!!

  • Work for 40 hours a week, for 5 years and you will be able to afford to buy as many watches and other jewellery and accessories as you like, for you and your whole family. The best part though, is that you can boast to your grandchildren and your children how you have made your money in your life while you share that money with them on dream vacations spending as much time and money with them as you like.

  • Tax? Well I guess we all have to pay it in some form or other, but there are many legal ways to pay much less than what everyone thinks. The beauty of being an entrepreneur or being part of a network team is you have many contacts that have other contacts, that have other contacts. At the right affordable price, everyone is willing to show off how they managed to pay less tax than normal, and its all legit!!! The best thing is you will not be relying on your pension to pay your bills when you get old. Keep that passive income flowing in and with the right contacts and entrepreneurial ideas, who needs a pension.

So which one is it then, a regular job like most people or passive income?

I used to say, “I sure hope things will change.” Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change - Jim Rohn

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