The Imperfect Perfect Father

I have personally shown the video below to 6 people and 4 of them were in tears, including my mother.

A very powerful video showing the love of a father for his daughter from one side, and the rejection of a daughter for her father and his condition, on the other.  Enough said . . . . just watch!

Being a father of three, I can understand how difficult it is sometimes to be a parent with all the responsibilities a parent needs to undertake. Sometimes like many things we take our children’s love and respect for granted. We assume that they will always be there, growing up and learning and always listen to us when we give them advice. But have we earned the right to be given their love and respect?

I am guilty of too many parental pitfalls. Far from being a perfect father. Guilty of working at least two jobs at a time which deprives me of most of the time that I could spend with my kids. Guilty of being physically present but distracted by these tough economic times and all the problems that come with it. 

Perfect Father

I worry whether I can give my children the same opportunities that my father gave me, when he had three jobs so he could send me to a private school for a better education. I worry if I can pay the bills until I get my next pay check. But should my children care? Of course not they’re kids, they’re not supposed too. Can they feel the tension and disengagement? Of course they can.

Whether we like it or not, as parents we are our children’s first teachers; but are we the best teachers? Being married is also a continuous struggle for good communication, love and respect. When we argue with our spouse’s what example do we give to our kids? Will they follow our footsteps and pick up our good deeds but also our wrong doings? I think it’s inevitable.

Recently I read an article about President Obama and how he has been an ‘imperfect father’. You can view the article here

Two days later I watched a movie called ‘Courageous’. A film that won the Epiphany prize in 2012 for the most inspiring movie. And inspiring it was. Not really my kind of movie but it did make me recall the interactivity we have with our children and how I could be a better father. The film revolves around a group of police officers and their relationships with their children but also with God. 

After losing his daughter in a drink-drive accident, one of the police officers crafts a detailed ‘resolution’ from various parts of the Bible that includes fatherhood. He needs to rebuild his relationship with his teenage son and become a better father, so he makes his ‘resolution’ official and shares it with his wife and colleagues, committing himself to it and urges his colleagues to do the same.  

What if all of us did the same? Committing to a resolution to be better parents, sharing the idea with the whole world and framing it on our wall to remind us every day of our responsibilities. Do you think it would make a difference in parent-children relationships?  

"There are no perfect fathers, but a father will always love perfectly" - Anonymous 

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