Planning Your Website -
Things To Consider

Planning your website or blog is crucial in that visitors will judge you by what they see from your site – from the design and the content. Considering that you only have less than 10 seconds to make an impression to your visitor so they stay on your site, the first impression is crucial.

Planning Your Website

Your website must be organized and professionally laid out, giving the perception that you really mean business. Planning your website and visualizing the end product of your site is essential. You will need to know how your layout will be, what content you will include, and how you are going to optimize your site to bring you in that all important revenue. Then all you do is build on it gradually by offering fresh content. But you do need a starting point, and this is where many people fail.

A lot of online business owners try to do everything themselves to avoid spending money. Outsourcing various elements to building your website is crucial, and from my personal view, the design of your website is one of those elements.

Giving the design to a freelancer will free up a lot of your time, so you can start organizing and planning your online business and focus on the content and your marketing strategies you will be using. Unless of course you find an easy user-friendly Block Builder program where you can set up your website.

These programs are so easy to use that I guarantee you will have a lot of fun setting up your website, instead of all that programming code and website design and all the rest of the headaches that come a long with building your website. The one program that I personally recommend, since I use it as well, so I speak from experience, is SBI. You can test-drive it for 90 whole days by playing the video below.

As an entrepreneur, when planning your website, you must find an affordable way of running your online costs and maintaining your website. One of these running costs is your hosting company, unless you use SBI explained in the video above where hosting is included in the price. If you are not going to go for an "all-in-one" package like explained above, then you need to seek for an affordable, but professional hosting company that gives you a high standard support service. I have found Hostgator to fit these requirements.

Another online expense which is essential to build your online business, is the use of an autoresponder. A good autoresponder will have many features, but the most important one will be to be able to create opt-in forms, where visitors can give you their names and email addresses.

Building a list of prospects is the most important aspect of whether your online business is a success or a failure in the long run. By building your list and nurturing your relationships with your list, offering them free and quality products and content, the potential to sell to them in the future will rise dramatically.

Another important service a good autoresponder will offer, is to be able to provide follow-up messages to your list. This is content usually in the form of a newsletter that you will be able to create, and send to your list at a pre-defined time. Having valuable content to send to your list, once they have signed up to your opt-in form, not only solves the problem of “what do I do now they have signed up”, but also keeps a good relationship between you and your list.

The best autoresponder that I personally recommend and use is Aweber. A very professional site, with multiple services, user-friendly and a great support service. As I mentioned before, you only have a limited time to catch your viewers attention when they visit your site, so you need to be crystal clear of what message you are giving out. One important approach that needs to be included in your site, is the process of “telling”your visitors what to do next, and why they should do it, i.e. what’s in it for them!!!

An example of the above is when you are planning your website and you are thinking of offering a free eBook, it must be clear that visitors need to click on a certain image or text to receive their free eBook, and also what they will gaining, when they do read your eBook.

By offering solutions and valuable content, you will have your visitors coming back to your site repeatedly.

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