6 Perfect Side Businesses to Set Up From Home

No one needs to tell you that times are very hard and good steady jobs that can pay for your food and clothing, gasoline and everyday expenses, are very hard to come by. If you do have one of these jobs then maybe you consider yourself lucky for the time being. But I have a warning for the people who consider themselves lucky to have a full time job, and that is - “it’s always wise to have a Plan B on the side”.

Side Businesses

When I was recruiting customers into my network marketing opportunity, I remember very clearly approaching close friends of mine who were working in various local banks. Being paid an above average wage including many other benefits, no-one in the banking sector was even willing to listen to my opportunity because as I had been told many times, they were “comfortable” for the time being. Until one day when the European Union landed at our front door with a bailout plan for our country, which involved the resolution of one of the biggest banks on the island, leading to mass job losses (the ones that were supposed to be secure). 

This is a perfect example of why we all need to have a second “stream” of income, or even better, multiple streams of income, in order for us to feel safe. Another example I can recall about a year ago, is that in the U.S. people woke up one morning with a big chunk of their pensions missing. If you are from the United States then I am sure you know what I am talking about and probably have more knowledge of what happened than I do.    

So what can your Plan B actually be?

Below I have jotted down a number of side businesses you can start with.  Expand these businesses into full time jobs working at your own pace, in your own time.  So here are some great side businesses:

  1. Explore your talents in the kitchen – If you enjoy baking cakes and making homemade cookies for the family, then this one’s for you. With some practice, organization and proper packaging, you can take this business to a whole new level.
  2. Car cleaning and polishing – If your one of those people who loves washing and shining your car (like my next door neighbor), then consider this job seriously. If you have access to a small van then you can make this business mobile. Everyone prefers manual cleaning rather than the local jet washes, so there’s money to be made here.
  3.  Network Marketing – I am a strong believer (and witness) that this is one of the best part time jobs available out there. It is true that the percentage of people who really make the serious bucks is small, but you can still make a decent passive income if you sacrifice 2 years of your life to make it happen. Find a well known company that has been in the market for at least 5 years with a generous compensation plan, and go for it!
  4. House Cleaning and Ironing Service – Most people either hate ironing or just don’t have the time to do it (or both). You will see that people are still willing to offer this “burden” to someone else for either an hourly rate or some other understanding you can find which is profitable for both parties.
  5. Be a Handyman or Handywoman – You have probably heard of a handyman before who can do all the little repairs and straightforward DIY services around the house and garden. A handywoman on the other hand can knit you a woolly jumper for the winter and fix your trousers that are too long for you, and even sew on those missing buttons on your shirt. Being capable to use a sewing machine, the word will soon get out and you will see there is some serious money to be made here.
  6. Make It Online – This one is my favorite. With the growth of the internet and the realization of the possibilities it holds, the sky is the limit. You can set up your own website or blog, write articles for people who already have websites and blogs, work as a web designer, even be an online secretary or help with support. The list is endless when it comes to the internet; you just need to start doing something! 

There is always a way for you to make he kind of money you need, all it takes is some ingenuity, research and of course, some effort.

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