Why You Should Take Naps Every Day

If you take naps every day it can often be the perfect weapon to combat mid-afternoon sluggishness which tends to hit us around 2-3 p.m. A single short nap will not fully reset your lost hours of sleep, but it will surely help to stay sharp and alert, increasing your learning and creativity abilities.

Take Naps

Many famous and successful people have taken the advantage of short mid-day naps to increase their productivity throughout the day, including Napoleon, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill.

The following are 7 benefits and great tips for making the most of a short nap:

1.  A Nap Prevents Burnout – Researches have shown that we were not actually made to have straight 7-9 hour sleeps throughout the night. Our body and mind function better when we separate the day with a nap, to help give us a fresh start to see out the rest of the evening.

2.  A Nap Reduces Heart Disease – According to a 2007 study of the Harvard School of public Health in Boston, a nap can be an important weapon in the fight against coronary mortality. The study shows that taking a midday nap, at least three times a week; you are 37% less likely to die of heart disease.

3.  A Nap Increases Sensory Perception – Napping can actually restore the sensitivity of sight, hearing and taste. Napping relaxes your mind, allowing new associations to form in it.

4.  Mix Your Nap With Coffee – When you drink coffee, the caffeine takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in. This is why experts encourage us to have a coffee just before we take our nap, thus as soon as we wake up from our short nap, we have already taken a rest leaving the caffeine to do the rest of the work concerning our alertness.

5.  Length Matters – A nap can be considered as a short sleep – so keep it short!  Over 30 minutes of sleep will get you in a “deep” sleep which can have a negative effect when you wake up and will also interfere with your night sleep. Set your alarm on your phone to avoid oversleeping.

6.  Turn The Lights Off – If you can, then shut-out any light just before you take your nap. Darkness tells our body that it is time to shut-down or at least go in standby mode. If your in the office or in your car taking a short nap, then use a simple eye mask to screen the light out. If you’re going to take a quick nap then at least do it the right way.

7.  Cover Yourself – When you fall sleep your breathing rate slows down, your metabolism falls, and your body temperature drops slightly so it makes sense to cover yourself before taking your nap, even if it’s with a thin blanket or an extra part of clothing you might have with you.

If you find yourself really wanting a short nap then by all means do not feel like you are lazy, just take one. As you can see from the list above of famous and successful people, you are not the only one taking a short nap during the day – it works wonders for me! 

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