The Effects of Smoking and How It Damages Your Pocket

The impact that smoking has on our health is well known. There have been thousands of articles and advertisements presenting the different hazards that smoking causes but still people choose to smoke.

Apart from the risk of cancer, smoking is also responsible for premature skin aging, yellow teeth and fingernails, problems with gums, bad breath, insomnia, lack of strength, and the obvious sensitivity to the respiratory system.  

Smoking Costs

Is that enough problems for you to handle? 

Not enough? Okay here we go; smoking is also responsible for . . . . . . . . 

You get the point – an endless list!!!

I am writing this article, not to outline the consequences of smoking, but what happens when you stop smoking.

When you are at least thinking of taking that all important decision to stop this filthy habit called smoking, you need to write yourself a list.  Write down yourself a list of WHY you should stop smoking and why you have decided to stop smoking.

While you write down your list of your “Why’s”, I will give you another 2 lists for you to think about.  Here’s the first one:

  • Straight after the decision to stop smoking, only just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate falls and your blood pressure decreases.
  • After the first 8 hours of your last cigarette, the levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your body are reduced by at least half, and oxygen levels return to normal.
  • At 24 hours the carbon monoxide is totally discharged from the body.
  • 48 hours and there is no more nicotine in your body.

Stop and think about the above for a second. After only 2 days you have relieved your body from all of the above – only 2 days!!!!

Unfortunately there is not a “visual” measure or counter if you like, of the nicotine and carbon monoxide in your body for you to see as time goes by.  This is why I suggest that after your “why stop smoking list”, you write the above list down in your note book to remind you, and for you to visualize what you have just achieved after only 2 days.

Of course there will be side affects for a few days, but hey, trust me, it’s worth it!

Some of the symptoms you might experience are irritability, nervousness, dizziness, headaches, and weight gain.  

What I suggest you do, as soon as you start to experience one of the above symptoms is that you go back to your list of “whys” and your list of what has been removed from your body in the first 48 hours.  

I did exactly the same thing and then when three days had passed, and I thought I was craving a cigarette, I remembered the difficulties I went through the past three day’s and I used to say to myself “if I start smoking now, then those three days would have gone to waste”.  

Now as the days and weeks go by, your “sacrificed time” increases therefore you have more to lose as the days go by.  

Whenever you feel you want a cigarette, have a glass of water, eat a banana and chew some gum for 10-15 minutes. Then count the days you have stopped smoking.  

This little technique will stop you from eating excessively; get you drinking more water throughout the day, plus increase your saliva production which reduces bad breathe. Bananas have been found to “ease the pain” from nicotine addictives due to the vitamins B6 and B12, but also the minerals potassium and magnesium found in them.

And finally the second list that I promised you. After all you cannot neglect the financial part of smoking, especially nowadays in the global crisis.

Let’s do some math:

If you smoke 2 packets of 20 cigarettes a day, and each packet costs on average $5 then,

  • In 1 day:  2 x 5 = $10
  • In 1 week: 2 x 5 =$10 x 7 = $70
  • In 1 month: 2 x 5 =$10 x 7 = $70 x 4 = $280
  • In 1 year: 2 x 5 =$10 x 7 = $70 x 4=$280 x 12 = 3360
  • In 10 years: 2 x 5 =$10 x 7 = $70 x 4=$280 x 12 = 3360 x 10 = $33,600

And that is just 2 packs a day. I know people who smoke 4 packs a day.  In 10 years they would have saved over $67,000. That’s the difference of either driving a 50cc motorcycle, or a brand new Porsche!!!

And now for the $67,000 question you need to ask yourself – “Is it really worth smoking?”

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