5 Things I Would Have Told Myself When I Was 18

If you could turn back time, what are the things you would have told yourself to change your life? What advice would you give yourself so your future would be more fulfilling?  In December I turned 40 and to be honest I’m not sure what it is about this age number, maybe it’s a magical number or a turning point in life, but I had a quick recap of my whole past, remembering my successes but mostly my disappointments and mistakes I made. If only I could have given myself this advice back then:

Would Have Told Myself
  • Invest more in yourself - We are simply the product of what we eat, but also what we know. I would have told myself to invest in myself on a daily basis. The more knowledge you have of yourself and of the rest of the world, the more you can control your journey in life. Reading personal development material and learning new skills can only help you in a positive way. It changes your perception and purpose of life.
  • Communicate more – Clinging on to your ideas, opinions and emotions is not a good thing to do. You need to express yourself more and tell other people what you’re thinking about. Remember the girl you had feelings for that you never had the courage to go and speak too? What about your boss at work. What if you told him you could handle a lot more or you were interested in a certain position that you would enjoy more. Unless you actually tell people you are interested, people can’t read your mind.
  • Plan more – When you set yourself a target, you need to master plan the actions you are going to take. Whether it’s a long term plan that covers the next 10 years of your life or just planning your next day, you need to write it down to see what steps you will take to accomplish your goals. Keeping a journal is a good way to plan ahead. In the past 2 years I have learned to plan my next day so I accomplish more. I wish I did the same thing back then.
  • Ask more questions – How much more would you have learned, not to mention the amount of time you would have saved, if you asked more questions in school and college. Being worried what your classmates would think of you if you made that extra effort, shouldn't have been an issue. How many words of wisdom do you think our parents and grandparents could have given us if we had just asked the right questions?
  • Choose your own career – My passion was always computers and what we can achieve with them. But my parents had other plans for me; they wanted me to become a doctor. I ended up taking the subjects in school to make my parents proud, only to realize 2 years later that that’s not really what I enjoy doing. Then I applied for a bank job as it was considered as a secure job with decent pay. After 22 years the job has still not fulfilled me. Find what you’re passionate about and focus on making that your career. Don’t just follow the money, follow your heart.

I know for a fact that if I could have known before what I know now, things in my life could have been a lot different. However I can’t turn back time. What I can do however, is first pass my knowledge on to as many other eighteen year old's as possible, and also to use what I already know now, to mold the next 20 years of my life, and you can do the same, whatever your age is.  

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