Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

' Your worst enemy is yourself ', is a saying that I am sure you have heard of before. But why is this so true?

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The most likely cause – self-rejection. When you are unable to accept yourself fully and unconditionally, you devalue your own significance.

Having self-doubt makes you very vulnerable, which in turn creates an even more problem which is called insecurity.

So how do you overcome this situation with yourself?

First of all, becoming aware of the problem!

The answer is realizing that your worst enemy is yourself. Understanding that even though outside factors can trigger off your negativity, it remains that only YOU can change this situation. You are your own worst enemy. You must understand that the only thing that can change and lead to your transformation for the best , is YOU.

To overcome the self-negativity you need to “rise to the occasion”. Wake up one morning, make a conscious decision and say to yourself “enough is enough”. Make a promise to yourself that you will love yourself regardless of any past mistakes or misfortunes, and accept the fact that you are imperfect, just like everyone else. Learn to love yourself and everything will fall into place.

If you try your best at something, but fail to receive the results that you have targeted, acknowledge that you have tried your best, despite of the outcome. No-one, including yourself, should not expect anything more, if you have given it your best shot. If you have financial problems stop worrying and focus on how to help yourself overcome your situation. Don’t forget to spice up your life with a little fun whenever possible. Life is too short a journey to miss out on the fun and pleasures.

Have confidence in your abilities, and self motivate yourself to fulfill your expectations. If you think you have a weight problem, then visualize yourself in the body you desire, and set out to find the right diet for yourself and with discipline, overcome your eating habits. The mind is a very powerful tool, so create a mind map, and set your own roads and directions. Write down what you want to achieve, construct a plan, and then follow it.

Remember that everything you do from now on is to improve yourself. Once you improve yourself, without even realizing, you will pass this positive energy on to others around you. Help the relationship between your body and mind. Having a healthy nutrition program combined with some physical activities, will help the body and mind work as a team instead of repelling each other.

Realizing that your worst enemy is yourself, you can then understand and appreciate the fact that you are better off than a lot of other people in this world. If you are reading this, it means you are in a position where you have a computer and an internet connection, or you are healthy enough to go to an internet coffee shop. You can also read and understand what you are reading.

All you need to do to understand how fortunate you are is to see or listen to the news, and realize that many people do not have many dreams. Sadly enough, the only wish and dream they have is to wonder if they will have something to eat for the day.

Cherish and be grateful for what you have.

The greatest good you can do for others is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own” – John Milton

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